Martin Pollack

Year of birth:1944
Place of birth:Bad Hall, upper Austria
Lives in:Bocksdorf and Vienna, Austria
L´viv 2006

My impression of the First International Literary Festival in Lviv: This, exactly this, is how literary festivals are supposed to be. Lively, inspiring, exciting. I was especially impressed by the masses of young people who attended the readings, their alert interest, their breathtaking enthusiasm. One could almost envy our Ukrainan colleagues. It was also nice to meet friends and colleagues from Poland, Ukraina, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany... there should be more festivals like this – and there should definitely be a sequel in Lviv.
Born on 23rd of May 1944 in Bad Hall, Upper Austria. Apart from finishing grammar school, I also completed an apprenticeship with the trade test as a carpenter.

Studies at the universities of Vienna and Warsaw, Slavonic studies and Eastern European history. I was still studying when I started to work as a literary translator and journalist. After graduation I started to work as the administrative editor of the culture-political monthly magazine „Vienna journal“ and continued to do so for ten years. Because of my journalist activities – numerous critical articles on Poland and other Real Socialism countries – and contacts to the democratic opposition, Polish authorities prevented me from travelling to Poland and declared me persona non grata in August 1980, in the beginning of the great strike movement which later resulted in the Solidarnosc. It took nine years for me to be permitted entry again.

Between 1987 and 1998 I worked as an editor of the German news magazin DER SPIEGEL, first as a correspondant and head of the editorial department Vienna, afterwards of the editorial department Warsawa. Alongside I wrote essays and other literary texts, and translated from Polish into German.
Translations from Polish
Numerous essays, reportages and other texts as well as translations for anthologies, newspapers and magazines such as the Frankfurter Rundschau, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung...

Diploma of the State Secretary of the Republic of Poland for exceptional merits for the promotion of Poland in the world, 2000.

Cross of Squire of the decoration of merit of the Republic of Poland, 2003.

Austrian state award for literary translation 2003.