Vitalie Ciobanu

Year of birth:1964
Place of birth:Floresti, Republica Moldova
Lives in:Chişinău, Republica Moldova
Vitalie Ciobanu, born in 1964 in Floresti (Republic of Moldavia). Study of journalism at the University of Chişinău. From 1986 to 1993, he was editor and editor-in-chief at the Hyperion Publishing House. Since 1994, he is editor-in-chief of “Contrafort”-magazine, which is dedicated predominantly to the new literature in Moldova.
He is a member of the International PEN Center (subsidiary Chişinău) since 1995 and president of Moldova PEN Centre since 2004, member of the Writers’s Union from Romania since 1993, member of the Writers’s Union from Republic of Moldova since 1992 and member of the Group for Social Dialog Bucharest since 2004.
He writes reviews of literature as a journalist, et al. as analyst for Radio Free Europe, and is an author of prose and essays. He contributes much to Romanian and Moldavian cultural and political magazines.
He won the Prize for debut (prose) of the Writers’s Union from Moldova 1991 and the Prize for essay of the Writers’s Union from Romania 1999, as well as the Prize for essay of the Writers’s Union from Moldova 1999.
“Literature Express. A look at Europe from train’s window” (a diary realized with Vasile Garnet); “The Anatomia of geopolitical failure: Republic of Moldova” (political essays), Polirom Publishing House, Iasi, 2005; “The Waltz on Scaffold. 30 literary pretexts and one Prague diary”, Cartier Publishing House, Chisinau, 2001; “The Fear from difference” (articles, essays, literary chronicles), Romanian Cultural Fondation, Bucharest, 1999; “The Change Post” (novel), Hyperion Publishing House Chisinau, 1991; - present in “Europaexpress. Ein literarisches Reisebuch”. Eichborn, Berlin, 2001; in “The moment of truth”, anthology of contemporary romanian essayists, Dacia Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 1996; in “Donumenta”, Regensburg-München-Berlin (2004).